About Us

We are an organization, in the Boston, Massachusetts/Eastern Massachusetts/Southern NH area, of people actively interested and/or participating in alternative relationship and family lifestyles. Our objectives are:

  • to provide a forum for the exchange of information and experiences,
  • to provide a meeting place and sponsor social and growth oriented activities,
  • to contribute to increased understanding and acceptance of alternative lifestyles.

We are concerned with all forms of committed living styles which contribute to the fullest realization of the human potential for caring, intimacy, and growth. We do not press upon our members any specific behavior or values, but encourage and support individual freedom and interpersonal responsibility and development of viable options for living.


We have a discussion group meeting once a month, usually on the 2nd Sunday of the month. Often the discussion centers on things of particular interest to polyamorous living, but we also discuss other things relating to our broader objectives, as well as things relating to what is going on in the world around us.There are other events from time to time, including pot-lucks and outings to museums or other local attractions. Information regarding our events are published online on our events webpage as well as in our monthly newsletter. The newsletter is available for $15/yr for non-members. In it, we publish articles from our members, a review of the previous month discussion group meeting and list upcoming events.

Contacting Us

If you decide you want to become a member, you can ask the Clerk-Treasurer or another member for a membership form. This form has to be signed by three Treers who are your sponsors and, of course, there is a (very small) fee for dues (which does not include a newsletter subscription; as a member you get the newsletter at a reduced rate, however). You may subscribe to the newsletter, whether or not you become a member.

For more information on Family Tree or attending events, use this web form or call or send postal mail to us at:

Family Tree
156 Massapoag Avenue
Sharon, MA 02067